I am testing, therefore I code
Let's talk about testing PHP code
Belgrade, Serbia 22.11.2014.
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About conference

This conference aims to inform participants about modern testing methods, trends, and best practices.

Trends in testing

PHP is evolving, and so is the way organizations are using it. With the increasing complexity of modern codebases, and organizations’ reliance on them, we’ve been experiencing a boom in the testing subculture of the PHP community… and we couldn’t be happier!

With amazing tools like PHPUnit, Behat, phpspec, etc… the PHP testing scene is vibrant, and maturing at break-neck speed. Let’s embrace the future, now!


With the rise of enterprise PHP projects, agile startups, and the evolution of OOP PHP, our community has been growing by leaps and bounds. PHP is now, more frequently than ever, chosen as the weapon of choice for new projects.

With this rise in popularity comes an increase in community size, and we feel it’s important that developers collaborate, share, and exchange knowledge… for our combined success.


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Previous conferences

We’ve got a great track record so far…

Google Code Day @Belgrade

Comprised of talks and workshops covering topics from startups, security, APIs, big data, and even databases; this event was a major success. With over 500 community members in attendance, we managed to significantly increase awareness of PHPSrbija, and the regional PHP scene as a whole.

PHP MeetUp #2 @Novi Sad

The Novi Sad conference reaffirmed just how strong the PHP community in Serbia really is; filling the conference hall to full capacity with over 300 dedicated PHP enthusiasts and professionals from all over Serbia. It was a great event, and Novi Sad proved to be a great venue!

PHP MeetUp #1 @Belgrade

April 28th 2013 saw the first PHPSrbija meetup! The event was kicked of by Nemanja Cedomirovic (PHPSrbija president), and was very well received, with nearly 250 attendees. We knew this was the start of something great; we were right!


“Scientia potentia est: Knowledge is Power.”-- Sir Francis Bacon

We are very excited to announce the all-star speaker lineup for the T-day conference; with regional and worldwide acclaim, they’re sure to pump your brain full of knowledge!


Moving Fast Without Deploying Broken Things

Sebastian Bergmann

Your code are my tests!

Michelangelo van Dam

Story BDD with Behat

Sasa Stamenkovic

Spec BDD with PHPSpec

Sasa Stamenkovic

Narrative, API testing for a pragmatist

Ilija Studen

I walk in the shadow of valley of tests

Srdjan Vranac

Testing open source projects with Travis CI

Ivan Habunek

Continuos Delivery 101

Darko Fabijan

Codeception, because tests can have frameworks too!

Luka Muzinic

General sponsor



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Location & contact

Belgrade fair, hall 4 | Boulevard of Vojvoda Misic 14, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia 22.11.2014.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail [email protected]